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Permaculture and Yoga Program (PYP)

December 9, 2018 - December 15, 2018


Spend a week with us in the jungle and learn to design a bountiful garden that supports all life.

With the era of consumerism, the world faces many challenges from loss of habitat, to environmental degradation and social disconnection. We believe it’s time to cultivate opportunities for positive change and learning.

Permaculture – derived from the words “permanent” and “culture” – is a design science based on mimicking efficient patterns and relationships found in nature. Permaculture is yoga for the land, as yoga is permaculture for the body.

PSP – Permaculture and Surf Program: If you’re most interested in Surfing, then also check out our similar program, where you’ll be able to surf every day. Lessons, board, transportation, etc, are included: PSP – Permaculture and Surf Program

PDC – Permaculture Design Course: The PYP course is a beginners course, meant to be fun and give you a basic introduction to some very deep subjects. If you’re interested in a more serious and detailed course, then we will be offering a PDC – Permaculture Design Certificate at some point. With this, you’ll be certified to teach a course like what we offer at the PYP. Fill out our form here and we’ll contact you with dates of our PDC course, which will be a two-week program: PDC at Rancho Delicioso

Inquire for Permaculture Course


Yoga Retreat Costa RicaOur week-long adventure includes the following:

    • 7 Days / 6 Nights at Rancho Delicioso
    • 3 Meals per day that showcase healthy fresh cooking from the farm or local providers
    • Introduction to Permaculture – 8 Workshops
    • Daily Yoga Class
    • 2 Beach Trips (Surfing Lessons Optional)
    • Aerial Silk Beginner’s Class
    • Archery Class
    • Raw Chocolate Making Class
    • Montezuma Waterfalls Excursion
    • Anamaya Yoga Excursion
    • Pool Party

Introduction to Permaculture Daily Workshops:

The program will include eight permaculture courses, from 90-120 minutes long each, throughout the week, earning you an “Introduction to Permaculture” certificate from Rancho Delicioso. These classes will be:

1. Definition, Ethics and Principles:

          1. Participative discussion that includes the Web of Life Activity.

2. Composting:

          1. Making a “lasagna-style” compost pile and bio-fertilizers.

3. Biointensive Gardening:

          1. Hands on mulching, seeding, transplanting, making beds, moon cycles, pest and disease control, plant propagation, seed saving.

4. Agrofitness:

          1. “Double Digging” garden-bed making technique.

5. Sustainable building:

          1. Discussion about various methods of natural construction techniques, natural cooling, energy, and green building. Hands on with Cob building.

6. Food Forests:

          1. Tree planting and maintenance, layers of the forest, guilds, observation exercise in a native forest with jungle hike to Zone 5.

7. Medicinal Plants and Medicine Making:

          1. Native plant walk, tinctures, honey cough syrup and ointments made with local herbs.

8. Permaculture Site Analysis:

      1. Using patterns and the edge effect – design and hands-on making an herb spiral or mandala garden.


Aquaponics Center

Water from the tilapia pond in the foreground is pumped to a tank above the aquaponics structure. Gravity feeds the water, together with nutrients from the water, down to the plants below, that are grown without soil. This is the best method for some types of plants that are more susceptible to fungi and other diseases in the soil.



Many more photos here: PYP Photo Gallery


Activity Details

Aerial Silk Dancer in our Dome - Photo by Livio Macchia

Aerial Silk dance class in Rancho Delicioso’s passion fruit dome.

Daily Yoga Classes

You don’t have to be a ballerina doing split handstand to be able to practice yoga. Whether you’re a beginner just wanting to stretch, or an advanced level yogi, our daily classes will allow you to connect with your body.

Aerial Silk Basics

Ever wonder what it’s like to dance in the air? Our workshop teaches how to move with the silks, and is geared for the absolute beginner. This is a fun way to activate all muscle groups, while learning a few tricks to show your family and friends back home!

Archery Basics

Perhaps after seeing “The Hunger Games” you have wanted to try shooting a bow and arrow? Now is your chance to let fly a few shots into some hay bales on the farm. It’s surprisingly addictive and cathartic.

Yoga at Anamaya Resort

The yoga decks at our partner resort – Anamaya – are truly spectacular. With views over Montezuma and out to the ocean, it is a wonderful place to practice at the beginning or end of the day.

Yoga at Anamaya

Excursion to do yoga at Anamaya’s new yoga shala

Waterfall Adventure

Montezuma’s famous waterfall will be our destination. We take a set of hanging bridges and jungle trail to visit this amazing spot, with warm clean water for swimming and huge trees overlooking. There are a series of spots to jump from, and the bravest among us may take the 35-ft plunge off the second waterfall into the deep pool below. We eat a picnic lunch at this spot, prepared by our chef, and this event happens right after yoga at Anamaya.

Beach and Surfing Trip

No trip to Costa Rica would be complete without a chance to dive in, balance your body, and feel the power of the ocean. Surfboards and surf classes, boogie boards rentals, etc, require an extra fee, but two trip to enjoy the beach are included. Click here to read about some of the area’s best surf spots: Surf Spots Near Rancho Delicioso.

Montezuma Nightlife

On Thursday night, those of us who are up for it head down to experience “Reggae Night” in town. Although they don’t always play any reggae, we dance at Chico’s bar, watch the fire dancers on the street, mingle with the locals, and enjoy the unique scene that’s part of what Montezuma’s famous for.

Last Night Pool Party

An opportunity to chill with your new-found family beside a cozy bonfire. Enjoy our salt-water swimming pool to cool off from the tropical heat. Stargazing included! It will all have gone so fast, so this is a moment to reflect and enjoy the last night of the PYP.

Cydney Connor

Retreat Leaders

Cydney Connor is from the temperate region of Vancouver, British Columbia but has spent her formative years in Permaculture Design education and experience in the tropical countries of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. After attending Rancho Mastatal’s Permaculture Design course in Costa Rica she continued her education at Gaia College studying Organic Land Care Management and Ecological Design.

Cydney has been working and learning with our local team since September and previous to her work here she was a part owner of the surf & yoga eco resort, El Coco Loco, in North Nicaragua.

When Cyd does not have her hands in the dirt, or her nose in a book, you can find her surfing and surf coaching at the beaches nearby with a local retreat company. It is Cydney’s hope and aim to provide attendees of the Permaculture Yoga program with the skills and a solutions based mind frame to live a more sustainable and self sufficient lifestyle.

Irene AlpizarIrene Alpizar is an Herbalist Intuitive, passionate about energetic connections with nature and has extensive knowledge of plant combinations for healing purposes. She’s enthusiastic about helping people move toward physical, emotional and spiritual health through natural techniques and lifestyle modifications.

Irene is also an experienced Cob builder, having made her own house in the area using sustainable materials and techniques. Rancho Delicioso’s cob building classes are held at her place.

A seeker and follower of all Metaphysical, Ancestral and Shamanic wisdom healing, she is constantly studying techniques and methods for using the vital energy also known in the ancient culture as Chi or Prana.

Irene is from Costa Rica, and speaks Spanish, English and French. Read more about here here: Irene Alpizar

Where are we?

Montezuma is perhaps only the coolest little beach town in Costa Rica, or maybe the planet. A remote and still secret spot on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, travelers seeking something unique and away from the tourist crowds come here to explore one of the few last unspoiled places on earth. A have for artists, hippies, fire dancers, jungle lovers, yogis, and all kinds of fun and freaky people, Montezuma has a unique vibe that has won the hearts of so many people who have been lucky enough to discover it.

For lots of cool photos and videos about Montezuma, click here: Montezuma

Santa Teresa and Malpais are only 5 minutes farther away than Montezuma, but in the opposite direction. ST is a surfer’s dream town, with miles of white sand beaches, year-round waves, over 100 restaurants, and a lot going on. A couple years back, Santa Teresa won an award on Trip Advisor for being the travelers pick for best beach town in all of Central and South America! Complete info here: www.malpaisbeach.com

Many of our guests head to Santa Teresa or Montezuma for a few days after their retreat at Rancho Delicioso.



Costa Rica yoga retreat

Yoga Retreat at Rancho Delicioso – Teacher Josephine shown

Dates Register
November 11 – 17, 2018
December 9 – 15, 2018
January 13 – 19, 2019
February 10 – 16, 2019
March 10 – 16, 2019
April 7 – 13, 2019
May 12 – 18, 2019
June 16 – 22, 2019
July 14 – 20, 2019
August 11 – 17, 2019

Most programs begin on Sunday and end on a Saturday. This gives a generous window of time if you leave your home country on a Friday night or Saturday, and return to work/school on a Monday.

Inquire for Permaculture Course


Video of the farm


Week Schedule

Treehouse in Costa RicaThis is a general week schedule, which may shift a bit depending on various things like the availability of teachers. We try to fit all this in here, and more. Sometimes if someone amazing is in town and offering something unique we’ll bring them to the farm and offer it to the guests, such as a unique style of yoga or something that fits with our vibe. Some guests find there’s too much to do and want to relax more… that’s fine too, you’re not obligated to do any of these activities.

Sunday – Orientation

        • Opening Circle and Dinner

Monday – The Fun Begins

        • Morning Yoga
        • Permaculture: Introduction to Permaculture
        • Beach Trip to Montezuma Town Beaches
        • Permaculture: Composting
        • Open Mic Night at Cafe Organico in Montezuma

Tuesday – Anamaya and Waterfall

        • Waterfall Hike and Lunch
        • Ocean View Yoga at Anamaya Resort
        • Archery Class
        • Permaculture: Bio-intensive Gardening

Aquaponics Greenhouse

Our Hydroponics Growing House

Wednesday – Beach & Surf Day

        • Morning Yoga
        • Permaculture: Agrofitness
        • Beach Trip – Surfing Optional

Thursday – Aerial Silk Day

        • Morning Yoga
        • Permaculture: Greenbuilding and/or Aquaponics
        • Aerial Silk Dance Class
        • Permaculture: Food Forests
        • Dance and Street Party Night in Montezuma

Friday – Chocolate Day

        • Morning Yoga
        • Permaculture: Natural Medicine Making
        • Raw Chocolate Making Class
        • Permaculture: Site Analysis Class

Saturday – Goodbye Day

        • Morning Yoga
        • Closing Circle, group hugs, tears, and goodbyes
        • Click here for a

calendar of classes and events

      • .

Lots More Photos

Geodesic Dome - Sustainable Construction and Green Building

Geodesic dome and dorm accommodations.

Many more photo here: PYP Photo Gallery


A Typical Day’s Schedule


    • – Yoga


    • – Breakfast


    • – Fitness Class – HIIT (optional)


    • – Permaculture Class


    • – Lunch


    • – Siesta, Free Time, Swimming Pool, or Various Activities


    • – Permaculture Class


    • – Dinner


    • – Free Time. Movies, bonfire, various extra activities


    • – Sleepy Time…

For more detail, click here: Detailed Schedule of Activities


Our Food

Vegan LasagnaLike at Anamaya, we don’t serve red meat. It’s mostly going to be vegetarian and a lot of vegan dishes. Mostly gluten-free also, although sometimes an Italian friend of ours drops by some amazing fresh-baked whole wheat bread. We sometimes have organic chicken or local fish dishes. Our chef Laura was trained in the kitchen at Anamaya, which is super healthy and gourmet, so most of our guests here at the farm are really impressed because pretty much it’s the same food for half the price. Any guests who love to cook should let us know because you can help Laura out as your “farm chores.”

Typical dishes we serve, in no particular order, are: flax seed vegan pancakes, gallo pinto, vegan lasagna, felafel and hummus, yucca pie, veggie burgers, phad thai, veggie curry, gluten-free yucca pizza.

Not all the ingredients are from the farm, but we use as much as we can of what we’re producing. It’s not ALL organic either. We try our best to get 100% organic produce, but the veggie truck doesn’t always bring what we want so in those cases we buy from the local supermarket, which isn’t organic. This will improve over time since Costa Rica’s organic food production is rapidly growing and distribution improving.

Pricing Details

Palm Roof Structure - The River PalaceThe PYP Program price depends on your accommodations. Check out photos of our accommodations in The River Palace


    • Private Loft, solo: $1272.66


    • Private Loft, shared: $745.08 each


    • Hanging Bed, solo: $846.66


    • Hanging bed, shared: $740.16 each


    • Sofa Beds: $740.16


    Tent or Offsite: $580.44

Max: 16 people per retreat

Single Night Stays (1-4 nights): Includes food and all of that day’s activities. These are only booked last minute when we’re sure we will have a space available that’s not taken by a full-week guest.

    • Beds: $120 per person for whatever bed is available.


    • Tent: $90 per person


Payment and Deposit: When you’re ready to book, we’ll send you a PayPal money request for 50% of the price of the program, as a non-refundable deposit. The balance is due two weeks before your arrival, and we’ll send you a PayPal money request for that as well. If you prefer to pay the balance in cash when you arrive, that can sometimes be arranged too.

Cancellation Policy: If for some reason you can’t come or decide not to come, we will apply your deposit to a future retreat with us, minus 20% re-scheduling fee. We don’t give deposits back. The same applies for health reasons and “acts of god” such as bad weather. We recommend getting trip insurance to cover you in case you need to cancel. So, be sure you’re really ready to come before booking.

Liability Release Form: Upon arrival you must sign our standard liability release. Please read it before booking: RD Liability Release Form


December 9, 2018
December 15, 2018
Event Category:


Rancho Delicioso
Montezuma, Nicoya Peninsula Costa Rica
+560 8844-4726

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