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Permaculture and Yoga Course

December 6, 2015 - December 12, 2015

Permaculture Yoga Course - Rancho Delicioso - Upward Spirals

Spend a week with us in the jungle and learn to design a bountiful garden that supports all life.


With the era of consumerism, the world faces many challenges from loss of habitat, to environmental degradation and social disconnection. We believe it’s time to cultivate opportunities for positive change and learning. Permaculture – derived from the words “permanent” and “culture” – is a design science based on mimicking efficient patterns and relationships found in nature. Permaculture is yoga for the land, as yoga is permaculture for the body.


Our week-long course includes the following:

      7 Days / 6 Nights at Rancho Delicioso
      3 Meals per day that showcase healthy fresh cooking from the farm or local providers
      Introduction to Permaculture – Daily Workshops
      Aerial Silk Class
      Archery Class
      Beach Trip To Playa Hermosa (Surfing Lessons Optional)
      Montezuma Waterfalls Excursion
      Anamaya Yoga Excursion
      Pool Party and Salsa Lessons

Introduction to Permaculture Daily Workshops:

  • Understanding the principles of Permaculture.
  • Observing micro-climates and learning to listen to your intuition.
  • Mimicking nature to create a sustainable garden design.
  • Learning the important first stages of gardening. Seeding, transplanting, creating raised bed lasagna, mulching, as well as how to polyculture the plants.
  • Creation of a mandala garden with plants and flowers.
  • Investigating medicinal plants, and those that can aid survival and homesteading.

Activity Details

Aerial Silk Basics

Ever wonder what it’s like to dance in the air? Our workshop teaches how to move with the silks using breathing techniques that prevent muscle exhaustion. This is a fun way to activate all muscle groups, while learning a few tricks to show your family and friends back home!

Intro to Massage

A demonstration and hands-on practice which will allow you to gain firsthand experience in both giving and receiving a Thai Yoga Massage. We have incorporated massage into the PYC course in order to integrate your body’s natural breathing rhythm with its fluidity.

Healthy Cooking and Nutrition

The truth is we can all cook like Nigella Lawson without using ingredients from the whole world. Learn to live sustainably by using local seasonal produce to create magic on your plate. From kefir to sauerkraut workshops and making dehydrated chips coated in cashew goodness, our workshops will leave your mouth watering and your body craving more!

Daily Yoga Classes

You don’t have to be a ballerina doing split handstand to be able to practice yoga. Whether you’re a beginner just wanting to stretch, or an advanced level yogi, our daily classes will allow you to connect with your body.

Anamaya Yoga - Rancho Delicioso - Upward Spirals

Yoga at Anamaya Resort

The yoga decks at our partner resort – Anamaya – are truly spectacular. With views over Montezuma and out to the ocean, it is a wonderful place to practice at the beginning or end of the day.

Beach and Surfing Trip

No trip to Costa Rica would be complete without a chance to dive in, balance your body, and feel the power of the ocean. Surfboards and surf classes, boogie boards rentals, etc, require an extra fee, but a trip to enjoy the beach is included. Click here to read about some of the area’s best surf spots: Surf Spots Near Rancho Delicioso.

Pool Party and Salsa Lesson

An opportunity to chill with your new-found family beside a cozy bonfire and salsa lessons. Enjoy our salt-water swimming pool to cool off from the tropical heat. Stargazing included!



Permaculture Yoga Course - Facilitators - Rancho Delicioso - Upward Spirals

Meet Clement Nataf and Jacquelyn Jade Capati

Clement is a permaculture teacher who has taught and built projects in various countries including Costa Rica, India, and his home country of France. Jade, a native Australian, did her yoga teacher training at Anamaya, and is enthusiastic about healthy food, fitness, and making sure everyone around her is having a great time.

Both of our facilitators were past long-term volunteers at Rancho Delicioso, and having fallen in love with the farm and Costa Rica, have returned to teach our students. Both are full of energy, love to pass on their extensive knowledge, and are incredibly good in the kitchen.


Week Schedule

Sunday – Orientation

Chill out, relax and make friends.


Monday – EARTH (Eliminating & Smelling)

Introduction to Permaculture (general presentations).
Presentation of participant students and speakers.
Understanding the microclimates; student observations.
The concepts of soil science, soil conservation, soil life, and the cycles of soil.
Nutrients, fauna and flora in the soil.
The operation of composting, worm compost, compost interest toiletries, biochar, and soil testing.


Tuesday – WATER (Pro-creating & Tasting)

The element of water; the water cycle in the territories; the water in the landscape.
Aquatic facilities: the value of aquaculture and its various forms; fish farming and mariculture.
Natural waste-water treatment.
Hydroponic systems.
Hands on in the garden; focus on soil and raised bed.


Wednesday – FIRE (Moving & Seeing)

Method of design and nature observation; analysis of resources and needs.
Technical observation of the site; learn to identify the different areas of a territory to place a design.
Introduction to base map; method of reading the landscape (a frame tool).
Workshop practice: observation of the place and learning how to work with your own intuition.


Thursday – AIR (Hold & Touch)

How to follow nature; the gold number in nature (Mandala).
The concept of “niche” and how to find your own.
Afternoon at the beach in Santa Teresa.


Friday – SPACE (Speaking & Hearing)

Eco-building and CLOSING CIRCLE with Certificate Presentation ( Celebrate with Salsa Dancing).
Presentation of what an eco building is and the different types for various climates.
Hands on adobe brick making using a cob oven and solar dehydrator.



Meditation; Gayatri mantras; Gratitude Letter
Cheesemaking, nutrition and medicinal plants in food
Time for a group hug before departure!


A Typical Day’s Schedule

5:00am – Morning run (optional)

6:30am – Yoga or Meditation

7:45am – Breakfast

8:30am – Permaculture

11:30am – Karma Chores

12:00pm – Lunch

1:00pm – Siesta Time

1:30pm – Permaculture

4:00pm – Yoga/Meditation; guided yoga nidra; micro movement meditation

5:30pm – Dinner Preparation

6:00pm – Dinner

7:00pm – Free Time. Movies, bonfire, open workshops led by those who want to share their talent.

9:30pm – Time to dream…

Prices & Payment

The PYC Course price depends on your accommodations. We currently have two options:

Bring Your Own Tent: – $450
Dorms: – $500


When you’re ready to book, we’ll send you a PayPal money request for 50% of the price of the program, as a non-refundable deposit. The balance is due two weeks before your arrival, and we’ll send you a PayPal money request for that as well. If you prefer to pay the balance in cash when you arrive, that can sometimes be arranged too.

Additional Notes

Why not add a week?

If you’d like to add a second week, after your program ends to practice what you have learned, the cost is $140 for the week (7 additional nights). Limited space for 4 people so let us know asap if you want to stay on as a farm volunteer.

Join a like-minded community to gain the tools to empower our humanity and live to the fullest. Let’s create an abundant future together!


December 6, 2015
December 12, 2015
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Rancho Delicioso
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Rancho Delicioso
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