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Natural Building Intensive – Finca Morpho

May 25, 2017 - June 1, 2017

We are excited to announce Finca Morpho will be hosting a week-long intensive natural building course May 26th to June 1st!

Come and learn from a Costa Rican Master Builder with 30 years of experience working with bamboo and earthen materials.

In this course you will discover the personal, social and environmental benefits of building with sustainable natural materials.


In these hands-on workshops and lectures you will learn:

* Bamboo varieties, harvesting, treating, curing, and processing
* Bamboo splitting, bending, pegging, lashing and other joining techniques
* Bamboo design, furniture making, finishing and maintenance
* Bamboo and hardwood pin and binder stick making
* Bamboo wattle and daub
* Building Foundations
* Soil testing, clay sourcing and preparation
* Cob mixing and application
* Adobe
* Earthen and Lime plasters
* Earthen floors
*Specialty tools


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What do you want to build?




This course is designed for those who would like practical natural building skills and a better understanding of natural materials and applications. It would suit owner-developers, professional contractors, permaculturists, or anyone looking to build with regenerative and sustainable materials and methodologies. No prior experience or special skills are necessary. Just a reasonable level of physical fitness and willingness to learn.

Course tuition includes all workshops and lectures, accommodations in shared cabinas, three vegetarian meals per day with snacks.
Students arrive at Finca Morpho on Thursday and the course starts at 9 a.m. on Friday, May 26th.
To learn more about where this course is going to be held visit
If you have any questions please contact Trey Abernethy at (506) 8828-1085 or [email protected]

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Natural Designers

Trey Abernethy

With a deep love of nature and desire to get back to his roots and break free of the constraints of modern society Trey decided to take a leap of faith and move to Costa Rica in Dec. 2013. Wanting to pursue his dreams and true passions of nature, permaculture, natural building and conscious/holistic living he felt Costa Rica was the right choice.

Having been in construction for the past 12 years at the time he saw how wasteful, toxic and unsustainable conventional construction methods were and knew there was a better way.
Already having taken a few cob and earthen plaster courses in Florida he was eager to learn more and found an opportunity after his Permaculture Design Course in Feb. 2014 to attend a week long course on bamboo, cob, adobe and plasters from a Tico Master Builder. He fell in love with working with bamboo and realized its truly beyond a sustainable solution actually being a regenerative material.
Since that time he has been on the build crew at Envision the last 3 festivals working with some bamboo masters expanding his knowledge and skills with bamboo and hardwoods.
He also attended a 2 week earthen building course at Rancho Mastatal in 2015 further expanding his knowledge of cob, adobe, plasters, lime, natural pigments and paints and also learned tadelakt, an amazing waterproof limestone plaster technique from Morocco.
Having worked on many natural building projects here in Costa Rica, focusing on bamboo especially, he is confident in his skill sets and knowledge to start teaching and empowering more people to build with local natural materials in harmony with nature.
Michael Cranford

Hiding in between cracks and crevices of fish scales, mammal fur, fins and feathers, we’ll find nature’s free energies hard at work harnessing drag, creating lift and producing free energy. Spiraling vortices eddies of air and water we find the birthplace of Sacred Geometry and nature’s most powerful energies formed from shapes, forms, colors and textures of all things.

Over the years, Michael has become Central America’s leading online publisher and architect, educating about the importance of Sacred Geometry in architecture and design.
He promotes sustainable building, teaches eco-friendly design and molds natural materials into affordable tropical homes, hotels, treehouses, water cisterns and swimming pools. He follows Fibonacci’s repeating patterns in his designs, inviting cool air in from the North and deflecting warm temperatures from South. To keep cool in the tropics, he recreates nature’s spiral, “an eye of the hurricane,” on your homesite and in your living room, rounds off square edges and use nature’s cooling and heat techniques to provide comfort.
Living in the Costa Rica rainforest and from his many trips to the canyons of southern Utah, nature has taught him how air and water pass over and through Earth’s shapes, forms, colors and textures to create spiraling movements of air and water charged with ozone. This spiraling movement attracts life inward, just as a hurricane or coral spins the oceans currents inward to create the largest structures in the world. By copying and mimicking nature we can begin to solve human challenges in architecture, health, energy, transportation and manufacturing.
The foundation and birth place for all life is in the “The Fibonacci Spiral”. His bio inspired homes enhance Chi energy and have been featured on Travel Channel, CNN and Survivor. He has been providing architectural consultation and design in Central America and the Caribbean since 1999.
Roldolfo Saenz

Rodolfo Saenz began his career as a craftsman more than 30 years ago.

He first learned to work the wood and then received a training in a variety of techniques with bamboo, provided by a specialist of Taiwanese origin.
For more than 20 years he has been engaged in the manufacture of bamboo furniture, occasionally combining it with various materials.
Later, he got back to the work of the wood, developing his own original line, using fine woods and bamboo.
Beside furniture he also learned construction of houses, first in conventional materials and later in bamboo and cob. Most of this learning happened by experimenting and investing.
In 2010 he built his own house in bamboo and cob and has been doing contract natural building work for 25 years here in Costa Rica. With a passion for sharing his skills and knowledge Rodolfo is excited to teach sustainable building and design.
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Joshua Daniels

Joshua is a builder, climber, rigger of 12 years specializing in carpentry, tree houses, pole construction with logs and bamboo.

Receiving much of his training on the job he has worked in leadership roles with VBC Portland, Bamboo DNA, O2 Treehouse, Guildworks and as a lead the previous 4 years at Envision festival.

He has extensively studied communication, health, and philosophy; and is an unlicensed massage therapist and reiki master.

His central philosophy is to surround himself for success while pursuing passions and remaining present. For pleasure Joshua rides mountain bikes, goes spear fishing; and climbs old growth trees for wildlife surveys.

Build with Nature

yes…. this is Blue Bamboo

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Finca Morpho
14km Sur de Bomba de Osa en la calla de Matapalo con puerton murado,
Puerto Jimenez, Puntarenas 60702 Costa Rica
USA# (479) 935-9735 | CR# (506) 8850-8498
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Trey Abernethy
(506) 8828-1085

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