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Mystic Heart Sacred Cacao Ceremony

November 27, 2015 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm




Mystic Heart Sacred Cacao Ceremony


Event Description:
A multidimensional journey into the ecstatic and transformative power of cacao.  Using a euphoria-inducing, heart-opening, cathartic, love-drenched cacao elixir as the medium for the potent spiritual essence experienced throughout the ceremony.

A Cacao ceremony provides a perfect opportunity to take time away from our daily grind… to de-stress and reconnect. It is the perfect space to switch off from busy-ness and to journey into the sacred space within – opening ourselves to greater healing, balance, love, and spirituality. Whether you’re looking to shift an emotional blockage, let go of the past, gain clarity for your life path, or you simply need to lift your spirits, these ceremonies can provide the ideal experience.

In our Sacred Cacao Ceremonies we use pure rainforest grown cacao as a ceremonial medicine to assist in opening the heart and spirit. A strong medicinal Mayan-inspired brew of cacao, along with divinely inspired live music; blessed essential oils for chakra anointing, sound therapy, healing touch, energy transmissions, movement, and meditation to create a uniquely profound ceremonial experience.

The ceremony offering will be bilingual and will also be accompanied by musical masters Yehonatan Gaucher and Camilo Poltronieri.
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to invite your friends and family.


Presented by:
Zahrah Sita, Cacao Priestess –
has been called to serve cacao in a ceremonially healing way, and to honor cacao as a sacred and powerful medicine – here to assist us through the great shift. Zahrah has a passion for medicinal plants, natural and spiritual healing, shamanism, creative movement, and dance. Zahrah is trained and experienced as an herbalist, bodyworker, acupuncturist, and Dr. of TCM. She is inspired to witness and hold space for others to receive inspiration and healing through ceremony, as well as the use of the plants and their natural healing properties.

Yehonatan Gaucher –
Now 28 years old was born in a tiny mountain town in Canada.
Adept in tribal percussion trap kit, this virtuosi’s instrumental repertoire includes the Oud, Guitar, Tabla’s,native flute,clarinet, and enjoys playing anything he can get his hands on. Having a focused study of the physiological sensations of tone, rhythm, and pitch, Yehonatan’s music ranges from ethnic Arabian dance fusion to meditative math metal. Yehonatan studied percussion with Master Tabla Teacher Aloke Dutta and Tracy Rose an amazing jazz percussionist. Active in the music community since 2004, Yehonatan has performed at Shambhala, Envision, Parks Alive, and toured around the world sharing his music in other countries – such as Turkey Greece and Indonesia, Having worked alongside artists Bernie Addington and Leila Neverland Altar and Alabaster King, there isn’t a genre in his repertoire he doesn’t dive into.
A genuinely gifted artist, Yehonatan Gaucher walks the path less traveled, channeling the celestial into creation.

Camilo Poltronieri –
A Costa Rican native, musician, and producer who integrates ancient instruments with the latest technology. He has been a part of some of the most well known bands in Costa Rica and shares his gifts through instruments such as the Hang Drum, Drone Flute, Guitar, Didjeridoo, Voice, Erhu, and many others.

Alexandrina Canta –
A talented singer, dancer, and compassionate healer who brings her innate spirituality to her musical expressions. She considers herself a servant who is here to help raise the vibration on Earth, and help spread love and peace across the globe.

Autumn Rose –
Hailing from Canada, weaving her studies of spirit and northern knowledge with the medicinal vines of cultures worldwide. Her profound wisdom of ancient modalities to harmonize the body and being are vast and deeply rooted in the luminous vibrations of sacred sound healing and cellular reprogramming. With a gentle heart and compassionate hands, Autumn will hold the space for you to soften, surrender, and let go deeper than you have ever imagined.

Keah Rose –
From Vancouver Island; uses the metamorphic states of breathwork, yoga, sound, and meditation to connect him to the deep wisdom of his heartspace; using the intention of self love to travel further than the reaches of the conscious mind. Keah can hold an incredible safe and sacred space, learning from his experiences working with plant medicines and as a ceremonial tattoo artist.
Breath is his greatest teacher, and he is very balanced between the astral realm and earth.




Vegan food options will be made available and are included in the event cost.

Sleeping arrangements can be made as needed or requested though are NOT included in the cost of the event.


The cost of the ceremony is – 15,000 colones (or $30 USD)


The most economical option is the public bus to Uvita. The ride takes 4.5 hours and will deliver you to the center of Uvita. Click here for bus schedules.  Take a $25-$30 taxi to Delio Morales Bus Station, also known as the Tracopa Bus Station and purchase a bus ticket (una boletta) to the town of Uvita. Tickets cost $10 (as of January 2015). The Tracopa Bus line offers rides departing at approxemently 6am & 3pm. Arrive in Uvita at the bus stop/cafe. On the wall next to the counter is a list of taxi drivers’ phone numbers. If you don’t have a phone or do not speak Spanish, we recommend finding someone around the bus stop/cafe who speaks both English and Spanish and ask them to call the taxi driver for you. Most taxi drivers know how to get to Selva Armonia and charge $15-$20.

If you opt to rent a car, one with a 4-wheel drive option is a required for the drive up to Selva. Although the road is well maintained and smooth, small SUV’s or cars with big tires and good clearance are not good choices.

As you drive into Uvita, there are two BM Markets/”BM Supermercado“  (grocery stores) in town, both on the left/East side of Highway 34. Take note of the second (the Southern most) BM Market. You will see the “BM Supermercado” and  “Marina Ballena Restaurant” on your left, and a “Banco Nacional” on your right. If you’d like, you can go to the Marino Ballena Restaurant and ask them to contact us at 8334-0486 (tell them you are going to Selva Armonia and they will probably hand you a phone to use. Dial only 8 numbers). They will also help you arrange for a taxi up the mountain if you are not driving yourself. You will need a 4-wheel drive taxi and most taxi drivers know the way to Selva.

Continue driving South past those landmarks 400 meters, take the first left onto a dirt road. You will see the Selva Armonia sign and several others:  “The Dome,” La Escuela Lider ” and “La Cacatua Lodge.”  From here it is a 5 kilometer (3.5 miles) drive to the gates of Selva Armonia.

Keep right at all forks in the road. At the final fork in the road, you will see a sign on the right for Selva Armonia. Drive down the right-hand road approximately 500 meters to the large gates of Selva Armonia on the right. Drive through the gates and continue down onto the property. Turn right when able. Welcome home!


November 27, 2015
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Selva Armonia
Uvita, Costa Rica
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Zahrah Sita

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