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Metamorphosis Gathering

February 10, 2018 - February 16, 2018

Metamorphosis Gathering

  • Metamorphosis Gathering weaves new relationships into our lives by focusing first on connecting with our authentic selves, in order to network with existing communities that will guide us in morphing our dreams into reality. Intertwining the permaculture principles and practices with facilitated processes for transformation, we aim to share knowledge and teach life skills towards creating a more regenerative, natural way of life.
  • This event welcomes and honors inspiring facilitators from all walks of life that have many years of practice in their respective fields. There will be five elders each holding space to share their wisdom with us on Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotion and Vibration. Each one holding its place in the harmony of the whole as we each do our part in humanity’s collective transformation.
  • Metamorphosis is a substance free event, this is important for maintaining a coherent field to connect and relate to each other and to the spaces being held by our elders.
  • Experience
    • During this event we reference the life cycle of a butterfly with nature as our blueprint to assist in this transformation. Nature provides many wonderful patterns for us to observe and learn from. By applying these frameworks to all parts of our lives we are able to integrate the grand complexity of nature, the universe, and this life.
    • The first day of the event we acculturate to the environment, setting up our personal spaces and getting to know the community through our opening ceremony. The second day is working through the egg stage by having our workshops and activities set the conditions to hatch and summon the strength it takes to break out. The third day crawls us through the caterpillar stage; this is the period where we consume information, practice skills, and develop habits to survive the environmental obstacles.  The fourth day we go inward for better understanding and patience by working through the Chrysalis/Pupa stage.
    • Upon becoming a butterfly on day five, we still require time for adjusting to our new form and comforting the transition of creating. Day six we are ready to fly and it’s time to take wing, show the world what we have accumulated and find our ‘flutter’ by connecting to the established networks that correspond to our uniqueness. The final day of the event we are collecting our personal things, connecting with community, and having the closing ceremony. Every night we will have acoustic music open for anyone to join around a sacred fire that will burn through the whole event. The final night we will celebrate to the sacred visuals and sweet sounds of Yaima.
  • Curriculum
    • Estimated Time for Each Learning Track
      • 10 hours:   Personal Flow Design
      • 2 hours:   Equine-Assisted Therapy
      • 10 hours:   Embodied Movement Practices
      • 10 hours:  Authentic Relating Games
      • 5 hours:   FeedForward sessions
      • 4 hours:  Ceremonial Council
      • 4 hours:   Live Music
      • 1 hour each:   1-1 mentoring sessions
    • This provides 40 Hours of Facilitated / Guided Programming over the course of 6 Days, leaving another 72 hours of daylight spaciousness for private journaling, storytelling with new friends.  The sun rises and sets between 5 and 6 every morning and night, all year long in Costa Rica.   And the jungle rises and rests early too, as do we, so quiet hours and dreamtimes are asked to be respected.
  • Facilitators
  • Prices
    • General Admission – $610
    • Shared Cabin – $987 only 13 available
    • Local/Student/Nomad – $494 only 13 tickets avaiable
    • Scholarship – $5 only 8 available but must write an essay about why this is for you and your current life direction.






Finca Morpho
14km Sur de Bomba de Osa en la calla de Matapalo con puerton murado,
Puerto Jimenez, Puntarenas 60702 Costa Rica
USA# (479) 935-9735 | CR# (506) 8850-8498
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