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Deep Ecology of the Mind

February 1, 2015 - February 8, 2015

Class Description:

Mainstream philosophy and psychology is based almost exclusively on ordinary states of consciousness. In reality however, influential patterns come from the womb, previous incarnations, and from beyond individual human existence. In accordance with this idea is to understand that as long as we systematically avoid contact with the deeper dimensions of mind, we will not be able to understand where we came from or why our lives have the shape they do. Via refined knowledge and practices it is possible to access the portals of awareness which illuminate the larger patterns that structure our existence and are essential to truly knowing ourselves. Each life is an opportunity to rethink our identity and by doing so, explode our conventional reference point which has become our identity. The ability to do so, lies within every single one of us, but often does not emerge spontaneously or by accident. That is why we have crafted a highly-specialized event in an ideal environment for this deeper understanding to emerge and evolve. An environment free from over-stimulation and distraction where you are expertly guided and unequivocally supported in the navigation of the Self; so that you can go beyond those illusory boundaries into Deep Ecology of the Mind.

• Teacher Bios:
Jay Schumacher, CHt 

Jay Schumacher, CHt is a Master Hypnotist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transformational Life Coach, intuitive, and professor of subjects relative to the nature of personal reality and consciousness.

Often regarded as a “contemporary shaman” and master of transformation, he has assisted people around the world and from all walks of life on the path to personal freedom. Jay sees each client as a unique expression of divine consciousness and limitless creative potential. His guiding philosophy is to follow the mind of the client or group and comprehensively deal with what emerges.

Jay draws inspiration from a diverse educational background, profound life experiences, and his own personal transformation. His past includes a successful career as an automotive designer and corporate executive, parent, and Olympic style athlete, as well as a life-altering, debilitating illness from which it was predicted he would never heal, but did!

Via his own transformational journey of “awakening” which included deep explorations of his own mind and some truly enlightening metaphysical experiences, Jay has emerged as a most unique facilitator of what might best be referred to as “Legacy Consciousness”.

His knowledge ranges from the human mind and global consciousness to contemporary science, the environment, spirituality, universal law and the nature of personal reality. Per this knowledge, combined with mastery of an extensive array of therapeutic techniques, Jay has achieved great success as a re-educator of the mind and transformational therapist. His goal is always to amplify our potential for freedom and optimal wellness as well as to create a more sustainable, harmonious planetary experience for all. Jay has an innate ability to see deeply into an individual’s mind-set and life situations and endeavors to teach his clients to see just as deeply within themselves. Complimentary to his practice, he also provides consultation in the areas of Environmental Illness (EI) and awareness, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and optimal wellness practices.

Jay currently lives with his partner Caroline on sacred land deep in the Andes Mountains of southern Ecuador where he is involved in his practice as well as projects relative to sustainable earth stewardship and the creation of a very special sanctuary dedicated to consciousness education and the evolution of mankind in harmonious relationship with nature.

Caroline Willcock:
Originally from Manchester, England, Caroline´s adventurous spirit and natural curiosity has led her successfully around the globe. Caroline is an accomplished yoga teacher of various disciplines, a Pilates instructor, health consultant, life coach, chef, and business woman. Caroline’s past endeavors include that of owner / operator of a vegetarian, health food restaurant, and holistic health and yoga center in the Caribbean. She utilizes her extensive experience to creatively inspire positive change of one´s health and lifestyle. From ancient systems to new science, her teachings encompass mind/body movement and stillness, diet & nutrition, vegetarian food prep. & cooking, cleansing and detoxification, natural remedies, organic products, environmental health, and subconscious reprogramming. She is trained in multiple healing modalities and utilizes this knowledge to empower people to create a system of wellness based on healthier choices and beneficial practices. For over fifteen years her compassion and enthusiasm have assisted a global clientele in implementing positive and sustained lifestyle attitudes, greatly improving the quality of their lives and their ability to thrive.

Caroline has highly refined skills and is known for the deep intuitive ways in which she customizes her courses. Caroline has a unique gift for meeting her yoga students and clients wherever they may be in the moment, regardless of level of ability or previous experience.


• Language class is taught in: English

• Cost/Accommodations: $1099
7 nights Lodging (shared rooms), gourmet vegetarian meals, & kayaks and snorkels too

— Food Options:
3 gourmet organic meals per day with an emphasis on what is harvested from the farm and complimented with healthy smoothies, salads, and raw delights.



• Directions:



February 1, 2015
February 8, 2015
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Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies
Costa Rica
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