Eric Baudry

Program Developer & Lead Facilitator


Passionate about: Environmental Sustainability, Strategic Planning, Regenerative Economics, Organizational Development, Knowledge Management


I am catalyzing and facilitating a societal transition to a regenerative relationship with nature.


As the Strategic Director of Upward Spirals, a regenerative think tank and consulting company, I guide the organization towards our eco-social impact goals. I create regenerative impact models, strategic plans, project management tools, and manage our knowledge resources to help the team be as effective as possible.


Through a combination of discussions with experts, workshops, visiting successful projects, and helping you envision what your thriving future looks like, I will support you to see a range of inspiring sustainable solutions and regenerative lifestyles, and equip you with ideas, connections, and practical plans.


During our time together on the Expedition, I will ensure the models and concepts we learn are as clear and practical as possible. My role in the week will be successful when you leave empowered, excited and ready to create a regenerative life, for yourself and your community.

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