Envision Festival!!!

HappE: Wow, that was one of the best festivals I have ever been to, that is saying a lot because I have definitely been to a lot of festivals.
Envision Festival takes place in Uvita, Costa Rica and is nestled in the jungle right on one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. There were 3-4 music areas, camping, workshops and lots of art everywhere. People used the natural surroundings like bamboo and coconuts to make structures and art with the land.
The festival brings in many people from Los Angeles (my friends) and many more people from around the world. This creates such a wonderful cultural experience too. Different cultures from around the world living together, connecting, dancing and sharing a common love for this beautiful country, PURA VIDA!

It truly felt like burning man in the rainforest, yet more intimate and WATER (bman needs more water, lol). It was surreal to see familiar faces though. We have been in this country for a year and 4months (that’s right!) and have not seen my friends in so long. So walking around seeing familiar faces and giving hugs felt like I was in a dream or back in California… but then I look up, smell the air and re-realize i am in the jungle again, and my wonderful friends are here with us. SQUEEE!!!!

We rented a an OPEN house near the festival. This is where most of the house is outside. The living room/hang out area are outside and the bedrooms and kitchen inside. Though, the  inside walls are covered in screen and there are no real walls in the entire house. It actually was pretty nice.
This house was right by the ocean, just about a half a mile up a hill. It was so beautiful and we had a nice ocean breeze for the hot part of the day. Our good friend Nick aka Pumpkin was spinning at the event and stayed with us, it was so nice to share time with him. We also brought Helix. He Loved it! He was a free dog in the jungle, no fence, no leash…. just a really good dog. He listened extremely well, stayed close and always came when I whistled for him. Such a happy dog.

Here are pictures of the house we stayed in.


Giant Stick Bug
Stick Bug

This Praying Mantis died in the lotus position. He was a very zen Mantis.
Mantis Lotus
GIANT Cricket
Cricket Grande

Cricket Grande 2(yeah it was that big)

Our view from our new office for the week
This house was a good choice. So nice.
“Festival Time” Helix says
Helix Angel

Pumpkin makin’ the people dance and hug.

Pumpkin dance time

Getting Muddy to Pumpkin

got muddy
She was really embracing the mud

mud embrace
I got to share time with a friend Jen Shields. It was so nice to see her.

Jen mud puppy
Now you don’t…
(where did Jen go?)
Jen precious

Klown Assery
klown assery

(I personally did not take many pictures of the event. So I added these pictures below that I found from the Envision page)


Night band time

Night Lights

Night party

Paintin Pretty


Beach time

sunset uvita

night beach 2

Night beach

Pura vida


Truly wonderful experience.

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