Electric Service….

HappE: So apparently we were 10 days late on paying our electric service….

Now let me back up for a second. There are NO addresses on any houses, there are no street signs and they do not have a phone number for us. The mailman just knows who lives in certain houses based on ‘because they’ve always lived there, that’s the Alvarado’s (or someone)’ and leaves our mail with the owner somewhere.

Well as I was saying, we were late and had nooo idea. In this new country anything could happen. We can’t receive a late letter for starters. No email of delinquency . They can shut off our electricity and we might have to wait a week to get it turned on again. Maybe our bill would have a huge late charge.

None of that happened. Instead, a huuuuge truck and 3 workers from the electricity company came up our dirt road. They yelled for us to come outside and kindly said we were late and asked to us to pay it today or soon please. We tried to pay them and they clarified to pay at the bank like normal. And then did a 10 point turn to leave and waved on the way out.

It had such a small time feel and felt so personal, they could barely fit on our street!! lolol. And they chose to tell us instead of just turning off our power. Very nice 🙂

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  1. That’s why we are considering CR as our new home.

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