Crazy Spots for Sale

Here’s some highlights from a search I just did on properties for sale from $0-500,000. The pictures are links to the websites where I found them and include lots more pictures and descriptions if you’re curious. You really should at least read the 3 more expensive ones, they’re ridiculous. Increasing in price:

$15k, river and jungle near Jaco

$70k, Waterfall/grotto on 3.5 acres, plus a house

$125k, Restaurant w/living area on 3 acres

$200k, 17 acres with house and small island

$350k, 8 acre Resort and Permaculture Farm

$500k, 175 acres, Custom home w/ocean view, river, 3000 species of endangered hard woods and something else… what was it… oh yea, 300 foot waterfall.

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