Cool creatures we’ve seen!

Yeah, we saw that!! Coolest frog EVER!!!
Red-eyed Tree frog.


Green red-eyed tree frog1

Green red-eyed tree frog2

Green red-eyed tree frog3


Poison Dart Frogs

Poison Dart frogs


Toad in our yard showing me his good side

Yard toad


Smallest lizard

3.24. DS 006———————————————————–

Caterpillars and butterfly business

fuzzy worm

spikey worm


Blue Morpho cocoons

Butterflies changing station

Blue Morpho

Butterflies morpho

Butterfly laying eggs. So lucky to see!!

egg lay


Cool bug that flew in our house

shiney bug


Biggest Ox, cow thing. I mean seriously?Vaca Grande

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