Community Days Providers

Catalyst Network

Community powered workshops and presentations
May 2016 – Sept 2017



The NLP Model of Personal Identity and Behavior” with Russ Giles

Vibrational Yin Yoga” with Natashia Steenkamp

Boundaries & Consent: 6 Rules to Transform Your Life” with Kris Stone

Respiration Yoga by the river” guided by Zander Hathaway

“Dance your Magic” guided by Jenee Hallick

“Group Hypnosis” guided by James Ayotte

Inspiring Living Foods Demonstration” with Eric Rivkin

Slow Flow Yoga” guided by Jenee Hallick

Foundations of Rapport” with Russ Giles

Puppet Theater” with Sara Luz

“Exciting Kids games” with Mary Fusion Estrella Azul

How to Take Your Business Online for Free” with Adria Brunner

Abundance in the Garden of Eden” by Parker Rogerson

Qigong” with Dina Delaini

The Science of Chinese Medicine” with Annie Gordon

Flow Yoga into Hypnosis” guided by Jenee Hallick and James Ayotte

“Rhythm and Play Sound Workshop” with Xi and Jack

Song Circle” with Kris Stone

Ceramics Workshop” with Carolina Vanegas

“Drumming Workshop” with Eric Rivkin

Sound Medicine Journey” with Vyola Myst

Allergy as the Cause of Disease” with Ricky Brown

The Truth About Social Media Marketing” with Aaron Bower

Walking Meditation” with Kim McCann

Teaming: A Workshop Experiment” with Russell Giles

Subtle Alignment” with Rita Flemming

Food Demo: Nice Cream” with Eric Rivkin

Morning Yoga” with Amber Hagberg

Aligning with the Cosmic Womb” with Thomas Sochowicz

Loving Kindness Meditation” with Jananda

Breathwave” with Sheya Jordan

Welcoming Wellness: A Guide into Holistic Health Practices” with James Passatore

Letting Go! – Solving the Community Challenge of addiction and addictive behaviors” with Terra Entheos and Parker Rogerson

Ying Yang Vinyasa Flow” with Asja Music

Mastering Freedom” with Nicolas Dudet

How to Create a Large Vision of Yourself” with Christine Van Loo

Manifesting the New Year” with Parker Rogerson

Massage Circle” with Lili Blue

Introduction to Systema” with Jonathan McCaul

Live Music” by Motif

Sacred Cacao, Superfood Medicine Sacrement” with Zahrah Sita

Planetary Ascension” with Jesse Blenn

Extreme Abundance via Forest Gardening” with Travis Britzke

The Tyranny of Language” with Russ Giles

Set Your Course for Self-Improvement” with Kenan Aldana

Manifesting Connection Through Dance” with Luba Nikolayev

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)” with Fazilee

To Entertain, Educate; Fill an Aesthetic Need: the Art and Science of Seminar/Workshop Design and Delivery” with Russ Giles

Massage For Laymen” with Amy Thornton M.S., LAc

The Science of Breath and the Mind-Body Connection” with Patrick Ingrassia

Shift to Simplicity” with Kenan Aldana

“Bamboo Building 101” with Trey Abernethy

Open Your Voice for Vibration Self-Healing” with Vanessa Ellen

The Tyranny of Language” with Russ Giles

Conscious Relationship Tools: Level-Up Your Love Life & Make Your Relationships Amazing!” with Kris Stone

Music Medicine” with Vyola, Lili Blue and Jimmy

Dance Fit Yoga / NIA – The Joy of Movement” with Beth Corwin

Regenerative Business: Creating Upward Spirals of Personal, Community, Ecological Regeneration” with Eric Baudry







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