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Community Days! is hosted at the Diamante Center, in the Diamante Valley of South Pacific Costa Rica. The Diamante Valley is home to hundreds of amazing pioneers, educators, healers; the most amazing place I (Eric Baudry) have ever experienced for helping people transition to a lifestyle in balance with nature.

The Diamante Center is also known as The Diamante Valley Solution Center, because of our mission to co-create an ecologically harmonious world by hosting wellness and educational events, developing local sharing economies, supporting organic food systems, and systematically empowering all organizations involved in building a regenerative society.

The Diamante Center both hosts our own events, and is a wonderful venue for others looking to host wellness or educational events and retreats.

The Diamante Center can host 25 guests in either shared or private cabins.


Questions and Answers with the Diamante Center team


Why did we create Community Days! ?

Community Days! is a gift economy – pay it forward event where we all share gifts and knowledge together within our community and we show appreciation in non-financial ways.

If we all offer even one gift, or shared knowledge with our neighbors, imagine the vast resources and deep wisdom we *collectively* gain from this shared abundance.

We ALL benefit from finding non-financial ways to support ourselves and each other. This model is not about being against money, it is about organizing together as a community to create a higher value than what the separate dollar amounts could buy. Connecting with each other in this way becomes not only a satisfying and meaningful way to meet our needs, but is also an opportunity to transform our economy into a positive force in our lives.

People everywhere are quickly becoming aware of the importance of living sustainably. We wanted to create a community gathering that both showcases the inspiring sustainable examples in Costa Rica, and that also helps guests connect with all the knowledge, resources and community they need to choose a more healthy and rewarding life.

By co-creating a regenerative community in the Diamante Valley, and sharing our models, tools and knowledge with other organizations and communities also working to create a sustainable society, we are simultaneously improving the lives of people locally and around the world.

The Sharing Economy is one of the most promising solutions to an array of sustainability issues currently facing society. Through developing local alternate economies, we benefit from more of what we want, spend less to get it, and develop meaningful connections and relationships with our local community. As we increasingly work together to meet our collective needs, we grow away from relying on an economic system which is primarily benefiting just a few, and is quickly degrading our environment and social systems.

What do we hope to achieve with the program?

Make it easier to live in balance with nature.

Inspire people to work together to create ecologically harmonious, collaborative communities.

Support the local sustainable solutions community.

Attract those recently inspired to sustainable lifestyles to learn about communities.

Spread knowledge, tools, and models anyone can use to create a thriving environment for themselves and their families and friends.

This program is part of a set of components we are building to help Impact Centers (ecovillages, education centers, demonstration sites) create regenerative communities.


Useful Quotes:

“I believe we can teach humanity to be peaceful, cooperative, and ecologically balanced. And I believe we have to BE those qualities ourselves to achieve that result.” -Eric Baudry, Co-Founder of Upward Spirals

“The difference between what we are doing and what we are capable of doing would solve most of the world’s problems” –Gandhi

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” -Joel Barker


About Upward Spirals


The Diamante Valley Solution Center is the newest offering from Upward Spirals, a social benefit think tank and consultancy creating organizations, tools, and templates to make it easier to live in balance with nature.

Upward Spirals has developed a range of tools and services to accelerate the co-creation of a regenerative society. Our first offering was to create the Learning Calendar: Costa Rica, a free online sustainability and wellness community events calendar. It is designed to connect and increase awareness of learning workshops, seminars, classes and personal wellness opportunities. Our goal is to make these events available to larger audiences and make them more successful.

Next we created the Organic Directory: Costa Rica, a collaborative work by Upward Spirals and the community of Costa Rica. The free resource makes it easier to find organic food at about 70 locations around the country, and increases organic producers’ visibility, making them more likely to succeed. It is part of our objective to strengthen and amplify the efforts of those working to build a regenerative, local, organic food system.

With the Regenerative Business Optimization service we are helping small business owners and social entrepreneurs grow environmentally and socially sustainable organizations.

The Sustainable Living Expedition is an educational adventure around southern Costa Rica, visiting successful examples of sustainable systems and learning through workshops and knowledge sharing sessions. Upward Spirals and the local community of regenerative living experts will support guests who wish to increase their personal sustainability at home, or integrate with local ecovillages looking for new community members.

The end goal of our projects is a globally networked, mutually supportive, open-source, self-replicating team of passionate world changers operating the most powerful regenerative project management and skills development tool ever made.

Articles by Upward Spirals
The Sharing Economy as a Path to a Regenerative Future pdf
Needs to Catalyze an Effective Regenerative Movement pdf

Website: Upward Spirals



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