Community Days! October

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7:00pm – 10:00pm

*Dance Party*

Bring your dancin’ feet

Music by Pumpkin

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Important Notes

** Must have a 4 x 4 vehicle to drive down to the Center. Otherwise park to the right of the entrance and walk down. (Keep cars in the parking area near kitchen)

** Bring a flashlight!! (It is very dark at night) Camping gear, hammock, food for the potluck, gifts for friends

** If enough parents would like to organize a location off-site for children on Saturday night, Diamante Center will pitch in to cover the cost of a shared babysitter

** Beds available first come first serve Saturday (bring bedding/pillow)

** Pets by invitation only


Check out the article about Community Days! published by the Costa Rica News.

The Diamante Center website has lots of great pictures from previous events and more info about our social benefit mission.

Directions and a map

If you would like to share your gifts at a future Community Days!, please get in touch!


We look forward to sharing some great time and space together!


–          The Diamante Center team


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