Cellular Regeneration & Iridology

Cellular Regeneration & Iridology


Workshop offerings with Rita Flemming

Dear family, I’d love to introduce my services of regenerative detoxification, iridology, and the activation of our greater human potential through subtle alignment.

My name is Rita Flemming. I’ve been teaching and studying with the senior practitioners of Iyengar yoga my entire life! I’ve also studied Kundalini yoga with Guru Singh.

Nothing has touched my life more than the cultivation of intelligent action through the practice of subtle alignment; producing states of Samadhi by cultivating union of mind, body, and spirit!

I also want to introduce to you the power of self regeneration. We will go over how to eliminate, pain, inflammation, and genetic weaknesses from the body in order to align with our own greater potentials!

We will also discover the mirror to our internal state by looking at our eyes through the lens of iridology. Iridology allows us to see an in depth picture of our internal organs, glands, lymphatic, system, brain and skeletal system. We will see our genetic inheritances, and the steps to take in order to reach greater levels of self liberation from future suffering!

It is my true joy and passion to bring to you these techniques of self regeneration, path to greater self knowing, true freedom, and abundant health.

Love and Light!

I look forward to meeting everyone

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