Our trip to Playa Hermosa

HappE: Fun trip to the beach with great company. The water was warm, clean and the jungle came right up to the beach in some spots. The sand was black, spotted with shells and seeds that have traveled here. We played in the water and got our a$$ kicked by huge waves. It was so much fun.
And we saw SCARLET MACAWS over the beach!!! Um, YES please!!!

Jumping Gfriends

beach scene

shell sponge

Little crab

Some cool birds.


snowy egret

water birds formation

This guys Parrot Tuti

green bird eye

birdie eric

Birdie krystal

And now,

S macaw back crop

macaws flying over


The END 🙂

artsy playa ground in water

Semana Santa

This week in Costa Rica they celebrate Semana Santa (translates to Santa week) and means Holy week. No, there is no Santa Clause giving kids gifts. This is one of the country’s biggest holidays and they take it very seriously. Everything is closed Thursday – Sunday. Every town has people…

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Roadside oddities:

HappE: Things we’ve seen on the road around the country Stray dogs EVERYWHERE. Hundreds roam the streets in every city. Oh and wild chickens and roosters. The locals working on the farm get a ride home on the back of a tractor. Yes, that is 15-20 workers in a small…

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First home made meal

Eric: We’ve been going out to eat a lot since we got here. The food is cheap and ridiculously tasty. It’s so nice out and everyone is so friendly that it feels weird to stay inside. But today I really wanted to make a dish I frequently enjoyed in the…

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Some interesting trivia about Costa Rica:   *The sun rises and sets at 5:30 a.m. and p.m. everyday, all year. *Temperatures across the country and throughout the year vary minimally. It mostly stays between the low 60s and low 80s. *Costa Rica is about 1/10th the size of California. *25%…

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