An Epic Awakening

Epic Awakening flyer

“If you value your human existence and think is worth telling, if you think your life has something epic, this retreat is to strengthen your urge to create a life full of adventure, full of dreams to realize, full of positive emotions that move your spirit towards what your heart desires!

We believe in you and in the realization of your dreams so we invite you to create an experience together where we can strengthen in community and continue visualizing ourselves in a constructive and positive way”


2 nights lodging
3 meals a day
Pipa and daily smoothie,
4 Yoga classes
Yoga Natyam (Energetic Activation Exercices)
Access to Nauyaca waterfalls and Baru river
$ 300 before May 24
$ 350 after May 24

** Reserve with 50% ($ 150)**


Email: [email protected]

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