Abundance in the Garden of Eden

Abundance in the Garden of Eden: A Transformational Journey of Meditative Eloquence
– Guided by Parker Rogerson
Most of us are struggling to find our personal abundance without knowing what it really is we are grasping for or why it continually partially half-hardly slips through our fingers. What changes do we have to make to cultivate this bounty and how do we make them stick. What is the key to my/our personal success.
True abundance is a divine process, a divine merger between ourselves (who we truly are), our divine connection God/Goddess etc. (our unique connection), and mother Earth (the body of renewable abundance). Unified alignment between these three bodies of interest permits the experience of flow.
This seminar will be roughly 50% sharing of personal insights around what I consider to be a true nature of abundance and 50% meditative prayer and guided meditation to help you open to your true abundance. This is a journey based on your experience.


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