Sustainable Transition Design


We help people plan lifestyle transitions to more sustainable communities and off-grid ecologically considerate homesteads.

We do this by coordinating transition planning tours and Sustainable Living Expeditions to help people learn from successful models, and helping people find the biodiverse areas and properties with abundant pure water for organic agriculture and healthy lifestyles. We also support business owners to adapt their services to the Costa Rican market, or to develop new wellness and educational service lines to leverage regional business opportunities.



Customized services include: Budget and cash flow forecast for buying and developing; Strategies and guidelines for finding sustainable land; Transition planning tours, Property search and evaluation; Market analysis and best price negotiation; Request for proposals from top contractors, and more.



  • Transition planning tour / Sustainable Living Expedition (Visit to sustainable farms, permaculture projects, wellness and education centers, and eco-social projects)
  • Guidelines for evaluating a property’s sustainability
  • Costa Rica regional analysis and sustainability assessment (Natural resources, community, economy)
  • Property search and evaluation for homesteads, ecovillages, wellness centers, and conservation projects
  • Tours conducted in person or via custom videos and video chat meetings



  • Budget and Cash Flow Forecast for buying land and developing ecologically
  • Ecovillage community development plan (Structure, systems, community models, economic models, governance models)
  • Design & plan a Wellness and Education Center (Strategy, Finance, Marketing/Sales, Operations, Development)
  • Develop an ecovillage founders circle, mission, vision, and objectives
  • Design an ecological homestead (infrastructure, buildings, food, water, power, water)



  • Market analysis and best price negotiation
  • Requests for proposals from top contractors
  • Project management for ecological development
  • Introductions to active community organizations, supply chain, and best service providers (Southern zone Costa Rica only)
  • Develop systems, processes, programs, services for ecovillages and wellness and education centers



Here are some pictures from recent Transition Tours and Sustainable Living Expeditions

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Appreciation from our clients:

“Now, I really must congratulate you and HappE for the extraordinary work you are doing for us, providing us with solid comparatives and very valuable information. It really gives us a much clearer picture of the situation and conditions regarding the land purchase, by elaborating all the key elements that will allow us to really negotiate intelligently the best purchase price with the owner.

I am impressed with the quality and pertinence of the data that you share with us, and I am extremely grateful to you and your team at Upward Spirals, as well as entirely support your vision and mission.”


"As a family looking to relocate to Costa Rica, we heard about Upward Spirals through their Organic Directory. Searching into their website, we found a quite unique range of services matching our needs. After a couple of emails, we had a wonderful online session with Eric Baudry, founder and CEO of Upward Spirals, where he took the time to learn more about us, our project and our philosophy. After understanding our needs, explaining to us his work and team, we started to work together.

Specialized in transition planning and social enterprise development, Upward Spirals already created for us a great detailed financial plan for our project for 5 years helping us to stay focus on our goal and showing us how to adapt our strategy. The tool is easy to use and saves us a lot of time, also we can change step by step the data to have more and more precise estimates.

Eric also organized for us a complete custom Sustainable Living Expedition of 7 days this December 2018, for discovering similar ideas and projects already successful in Costa Rica. We are thrilled to embark on this adventure in December, discovering with Eric and his team local communities, creating contacts, talking with specialists, and much more…"

Pascal, Marina, and Philippe-Abraham Barone, Switzerland


Connect with us if we can support your transition to a more sustainable and regenerative lifestyle.

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