Landed :)


  1. Nice picture, was helix good on the plane? Did he get to sit with you?

  2. Thanks! Helix was A-MAZ-ing in the airport and on the plane. He walked in like a champ and listened extremely well. He was doing so good, that no one even asked for his paper work. He sat next to me on the plane, never got up or made a sound, they also gave me the only extra empty seat on the plane. He almost couldn’t of done better.
    Our kitty was a bit stressed the second the plane took off, that was hard. But he was fine the second we got here, and he is not hiding and exploring instead.

    So overall, a pretty good experience.

  3. That’s great!! And Bob and I are very proud of you!! Love you and please keep up with this blog. Love Mom and Bob

  4. At first I was thinking that the above comment was from our Mother- but I’m pretty sure mom isn’t seeing anyone named Bob- especially since Bob’s your uncle lmfao!!! Anyways I am very happy you guys made it in ok and that the babies were good during the trip. I love you both very much!

  5. You’re half right, it’s a Mama, but not ours 🙂 Debbie is HappE’s mom, Bob is Debbie’s hubby. (It would be weird indeed if Mom and uncle Bob were proud of me 🙂 )

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